X-rated art? The Vettriano retrospective at Kelvingrove Museum


So, the eagerly awaited retrospective of Jack Vettriano at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum carries an x-certificate? The Scotsman / Scotland on Sunday have a great article about this, which i am sure will actually add to the demand for tickets. The comment that I really like, and think is so true is from Scottish author AL Kennedy. Writing in the exhibition guide, she says: “Be careful when you look at a Vettriano – you will see what you want to see. The pictures will tell you as much about yourself as they do about the artist and his figures.”

For me Vettriano has always been about the narrative between the characters, just like photography. There is nothing salacious in this. It is story telling. Sure some people don’t like it. They are entitled not to like it. The world would be dreadfully boring if we all liked the same stuff. Is he a Van Gogh, or a Picasso, or a Dali? Maybe he is more of a  Herb Ritts, or a Helmut Newton, or even an Annie Leibovitz, given his photographic technique. Maybe thats why I like it. I can relate to the boudoir quality of some of the work.  But I also love Portrait in Black and Pearl, and I have a particular connection with Long Time Gone.

Does it really matter? I dislike the idea that someone somewhere has decided to censor these images from our children. The Venus de Milo? Micaelangelo’s David? Somebody better tell the Burrell that Rodin’s Thinker is in the buff! Didn’t the Gallery of Modern Art exhibit a particularly explicit Mapplethorpe during shOUT a couple of years ago? Some art is about what it does to you, and some art is about what the people like, and somebody liked the Singing Butler enough to pay £744,500 for it.

Me? I can’t wait for the chance to see the whole exhibition, including the red room! I would certainly rather see His Favourite Girl (shown above) than Landseer’s Monarch of the Glen. And yes, after seeing the retrospective I will definitely go and gaze longingly at Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross. Again!

Jack Vetrianno, like many artists has inspired and influenced my photography and digital art. Why not get inspired and create your own piece of art in my studio – here are some of  my creations



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Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wedding Fair 17 November 2013

Oran Mor Wedding Fayre_FB

I do not exhibit at many wedding fairs. My experiences have, in the main, been information overloaded brides who are being overwhelmed by suppliers who want to get a return for their time, effort and expense. The very big wedding shows – Royal Concert Hall, SECC etc – I will never do again. I can understand why some suppliers do it, and good luck to you, but it isn’t for me. But I was delighted when Louise at Oran Mor contacted me to exhibit. This is a gorgeous wedding venue. I have lots of happy memories of delighted brides and grooms. Internally there is so much interest and externally, well Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens are just over the road. The architecture and ambiance are fantastic.

I look forward to seeing lots of brides on the 17th November.


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Contemporary wedding images for wall art


Weddings are wonderful life events. They bring together families both far flung and familiar, friends that see each other every weekend and haven’t seen each other since high school, college whenever. Depending on the couple that can place a strain on the photographer. Formals and family groups are important but can’t go on for ages; reportage captures the day, but not everyone appreciates sometimes not being warned about the shot. It is all about providing what the couple want, while having your own style.


A mix of formal and informal, casual and formal, with the necessary amount of posing can give a lifetime of fond memories. I do not subscribe to the “just take some pictures, get what you can” school of reportage, but I do like to work with a second shooter who can capture a stolen kiss or quiet moment from a discrete distance. Neither do I like to be a bully, taking over a bride’s day. For me the couple should be relaxed, happy, enjoy the photographic experience as part of the overall day and be left with images to treasure. And I believe those images should include some formal, some casual, some posed and some captured. I also like to get one or two images which will look good on a wall. not everyone will want to hang a large image in a public space in their home, less so if it is a stiffly posed, traditional wedding photograph.


The correct image can make for stunning wall art, a fantastic reminder of a special day, while being contemporary and adding to a home. This image, taken at Providence, near Nottingham Road, is one of my favourite examples.


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My Stylishly Sexy Boudoir shoot – what do I wear?


1. Make it personal! If this is a bridal shoot bring your veil and any special lingerie – especially your garter – for your day (or evening). We can also have a lot of fun getting you back into your dress for bridal cherish/boudoir shoot. If its for a special someone bring a sports shirt or work shirt or some other familiar item from their wardrobe such as a hat, tie or piece of uniform.

2. Be prepared to have fun! You are not a model, but relax, have fun and prepare to look fantastic!!

3. Trust your photographer. It’s important that you find a photographer you can trust so you will feel comfortable being sexy in front of the camera. That’s why I want to speak to you before we shoot. Trust me and let me direct and pose you.

4. Get glamourous! Arrive knowing that you are a star, so pamper yourself before you arrive. Touch up your hair colour, get a facial (a couple of weeks before is recommended), bikini/leg/under arm wax, manicure and pedicure. Treating yourself gives you a feeling of confidence that will only add to the final result. And, most of my clients only do this once, so why not?

5. Sex it up!  I want to make you look glamorous, and different to the normal everyday you, so be adventurous with your lingerie choices.Think about matching accessories, jewellery and shoes. Different styles to think about are burlesque, pin-up, vintage or just glam and sexy! In the studio we have pearls, boas, hats, scarves, chiffon and outfits, but bringing your own does add a sense of you.

If you have booked a package with hair and makeup included (please, you should, you so deserve it) then please arrive with no make-up on and your hair freshly washed the night before. Make sure your nails are neat and clean. If you don’t have acrylics then a smart dark coloured polish to go with your lingerie or a French manicure looks best instead of natural nails.

Unless you are very slim with a good-sized bust then try to avoid bra and knickers sets. Tummies can be tricky area to make sexy, although there are poses and other ways to flatter. Frilly and french knickers work well. You know if you have a fantastic butt and whether you want to see it in a thong!

Corsets or basques with cups are better, and are great for covering you up and slimming your waist. Baby dolls are so sexy as well. Chemises, suspenders, stockings, silk or satin dressing gowns, are all great. Look on eBay under lingerie. There are some great bargains to be had. This doesn’t need to cost the earth, although La Senza and Agent Provocateur both make fabulous lingerie.

Some Top Tips

  • Focus on quality over quantity. Your package may come with a number of outfit changes. These take time away from when we could be taking fantastic photographs of you.
  • Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. It just makes it easier to see the outfits, choose which ones and it means less wrinkles.
  • Clean the bottoms of your shoes, and feet,  just in case they appear in an image.
  • Pale skin is interesting and safe! And looks amazing when properly lit! But if you are a fake tan / sun bed / natural tan kinda girl then make sure you don’t have tan lines (or bring outfits that cover them), streaks are not sexy and please dont try a new product or treatment the night before we meet!
  • Make sure your nails – hands and feet – are neat, clean and tidy and colours compliment your clothing colors and styles. French tips, golds, and neutral colors look really nice. Dark nail polish also looks dramatic with the right outfit.
  • Lacy, sexy bras are better than full coverage t-shirt bras.
  • Please arrive for our session in loose fitting clothes and without a watch, bras, panties or socks, These leave lines which can be difficult to remove. Once we choose outfits you will have a private dressing area where you can change and a fresh clean gown to wear when you are not being photographed.

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

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And, if you would like to know what happens at your Stylishly Sexy Boudoir Session click here




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My Stylishly Sexy Boudoir shoot – what happens?

So I want a boudoir shoot, I think?! What happens, what do I do?


If you have booked your Stylishly Sexy Shoot, then you will probably have already made contact with me, either on the phone or by email, or even over a cup of coffee.

When your arrive at my residential studio, you will be greeted by myself or one of my lovely ladies. If you have chosen the “Pamper Me Please” or the “Gift for the Groom”package you will be handed a glass of something sparkly, or a juice if preferred and taken through to the conservatory for your make-over where you will be pampered and made to look like the best version of you! Then you can relax and look forward to your stylish, sexy experience in the studio.

Once your make-over is complete you will be shown into the studio area where we will chat about your outfits and decide on an appropriate outfit for the studio session. Then you will be given time to change into your outfit and put on our freshly cleaned studio gown. Once you are ready, I will take the time to explain poses to you, photographing you in the way I know will flatter you most. We are not all the same but experience has taught me that everyone is beautiful! We just need to enhance that inner beauty.

If you have chosen the “Pamper Me Please” or “Gift for the Groom” Package, then you will also be given the opportunity to change into your second outfit before moving to our especially styled Boudoir Bedroom where we will take some different styled poses and making use of mirrors and naturally lit windows.

Beautiful hair, make-up, lingerie and lighting all add to that inner beauty. Confidence and proper posing are the final ingredients. You will leave the studio glowing like a goddess, and about two weeks later we invite you to return to privately view your images with me.   Your images should have the “wow” in them. That is what I am aiming for.

Do I retouch your images? Yes, probably, but subtly, it will still be unmistakably you in the photographs. Trust me.

At your viewing you select which image you want as your print included in your package and you can then select further images if you choose to. You can also have them presented on a disc, in an album or as a piece of wall art.

Your privacy is very important to me. Unless you specifically allow me to, I will never publicly display any of your images. All the images that you see on my blog and on my website, I have received explicit agreement from my clients to be able to use. Once your shoot is complete, I will keep your images on our system for 12 months, so if you decide you want more photographs you just let me know. After that, and for your privacy, your images are destroyed.

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

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Stylishly sexy boudoir photography by Sandra Keddie


I am delighted to finally offer Stylish and Sexy Boudoir as part of the studio offering at Sandra Keddie Photography. Until now, I have only ever provided Boudoir photography when I have been asked to, but every time I have done so, my clients have been overwhelmed with the result. I have even been told that my Boudoir sessions are better than therapy for that “feel good” factor!

I believe that every woman is entitled to feel good about herself, and how better to do this than with a professional hair and make-up session to start, a glass of something chilled and sparkling, and images that show a side of you that you may never have seen before.

Boudoir photography, for me, is the art of the implied. Everything should be suggested, left to the imagination of the observer. That does not mean this is fakery, far from it. It involves taking you, a beautiful woman and exaggerating your best attributes with subtle lighting and a suggestive pose that is not revealing ( or not too revealing at least). Props such as chiffon, feather boas and pearls add and distract, creating an image that is stylish and sexy, never smutty or sleazy.


Whether these images are created just for you, or for that special someone, isn’t it a fabulous thing to be able to keep this memory of how we are, stylish and sexy!

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

Book your Stylishly Sexy Boudoir Session now!



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“I’m just going to get a friend to take our wedding photographs … “


In case you are wondering, in this photograph the orange multi-coloured thing is a kite surfer! This couple were so brave. We went on to the beach after their meal, before their first dance, and just had such a fantastic 20 minutes with them, got some fabulous images.

“I’m just going to get a friend to take our wedding photographs.” Because your friend has a really good camera? And that photograph of the sunset he/she took on holiday last year was just fabulous? So yeah, just let them take the photographs of one of the biggest days of your life, right?

I am sure you would expect a professional photographer, whose continued survival in the business depends on people coming to me to take their photographs, to disagree. And I do. For lots of reasons. But it may surprise you to know that the main reason is not about me. Its about the loss of opportunity to capture something special, to create a moment that will be there for a grandchild or on a silver wedding anniversary. I shoot a limited number of weddings a year, and mix my wedding work with studio, landscape and fashion / model work. So this is not about me trying to up my workload. It is about making sure that a couple engage a professional photographer, a proper professional. (Of course, I am not refusing work, so if you like my style please contact me, I may be available for your special day!)

Start by going and reading comments from others. Scottish Wedding Directory has a fantastic range of articles on how to select a wedding photography professional, has a forum where brides to be can exchange information and ideas, and also has a directory of advertisers ( and yes, you will find me in there, along with at least 200 “competitors”!)

In a recent issue (SWD, October 2012) Natasha Rademehr spent a day with a professional photographer, and came up with just some reasons why you should choose a professional, rather than ask your Uncle with the good camera:

  • Photographers have an artist’s eye. They instinctively know which angles and poses are most flattering and will make sure you look as amazing in your pictures as you do in person.

  • A broken camera is a photographer’s worst nightmare – and yours if its your wedding day. But if you hire a professional, they will always have at least one back-up (tip: ask your photographer how many camera bodies they carry on a shoot. I carry 4, or rather my assistant does. tip: make sure your photographer works with an assistant.)

  • You might worry about the weather on the day and how it will affect the photographs, but a pro won’t. They are incredibly resourceful and will research the venue beforehand so that they can come up with a plan for both good and unfavourable weather. (I carry studio lights so if we have to we can setup indoors, this is not ideal but sometimes necessary, this is Scotland after all.)

  • Most photographers do a combination of reportage-style photos (candid shots) and portraits/formals. But if the idea of posing for a photo gives you the fear, don’t worry; a skilled professional will be able to gently direct you to produce shots look really natural, rather than stiff ( I regularly get asked if I can just take some relaxed informal shots like the one in a sample album. I almost always reply “that was set up, thats a pose, but it was fun!”)

I have shot a lot of weddings, coped with a couple of crises, have a bit of experience about what works and what doesn’t. I will turn up prepared and ready to work all day for you, with spare equipment, endless enthusiasm and good humour, professional indemnity insurance and ideas I have discussed with you beforehand. Please, please, please choose a professional photographer, and have a wonderful day with memories that last a lifetime.