My Stylishly Sexy Boudoir shoot – what do I wear?


1. Make it personal! If this is a bridal shoot bring your veil and any special lingerie – especially your garter – for your day (or evening). We can also have a lot of fun getting you back into your dress for bridal cherish/boudoir shoot. If its for a special someone bring a sports shirt or work shirt or some other familiar item from their wardrobe such as a hat, tie or piece of uniform.

2. Be prepared to have fun! You are not a model, but relax, have fun and prepare to look fantastic!!

3. Trust your photographer. It’s important that you find a photographer you can trust so you will feel comfortable being sexy in front of the camera. That’s why I want to speak to you before we shoot. Trust me and let me direct and pose you.

4. Get glamourous! Arrive knowing that you are a star, so pamper yourself before you arrive. Touch up your hair colour, get a facial (a couple of weeks before is recommended), bikini/leg/under arm wax, manicure and pedicure. Treating yourself gives you a feeling of confidence that will only add to the final result. And, most of my clients only do this once, so why not?

5. Sex it up!  I want to make you look glamorous, and different to the normal everyday you, so be adventurous with your lingerie choices.Think about matching accessories, jewellery and shoes. Different styles to think about are burlesque, pin-up, vintage or just glam and sexy! In the studio we have pearls, boas, hats, scarves, chiffon and outfits, but bringing your own does add a sense of you.

If you have booked a package with hair and makeup included (please, you should, you so deserve it) then please arrive with no make-up on and your hair freshly washed the night before. Make sure your nails are neat and clean. If you don’t have acrylics then a smart dark coloured polish to go with your lingerie or a French manicure looks best instead of natural nails.

Unless you are very slim with a good-sized bust then try to avoid bra and knickers sets. Tummies can be tricky area to make sexy, although there are poses and other ways to flatter. Frilly and french knickers work well. You know if you have a fantastic butt and whether you want to see it in a thong!

Corsets or basques with cups are better, and are great for covering you up and slimming your waist. Baby dolls are so sexy as well. Chemises, suspenders, stockings, silk or satin dressing gowns, are all great. Look on eBay under lingerie. There are some great bargains to be had. This doesn’t need to cost the earth, although La Senza and Agent Provocateur both make fabulous lingerie.

Some Top Tips

  • Focus on quality over quantity. Your package may come with a number of outfit changes. These take time away from when we could be taking fantastic photographs of you.
  • Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. It just makes it easier to see the outfits, choose which ones and it means less wrinkles.
  • Clean the bottoms of your shoes, and feet,  just in case they appear in an image.
  • Pale skin is interesting and safe! And looks amazing when properly lit! But if you are a fake tan / sun bed / natural tan kinda girl then make sure you don’t have tan lines (or bring outfits that cover them), streaks are not sexy and please dont try a new product or treatment the night before we meet!
  • Make sure your nails – hands and feet – are neat, clean and tidy and colours compliment your clothing colors and styles. French tips, golds, and neutral colors look really nice. Dark nail polish also looks dramatic with the right outfit.
  • Lacy, sexy bras are better than full coverage t-shirt bras.
  • Please arrive for our session in loose fitting clothes and without a watch, bras, panties or socks, These leave lines which can be difficult to remove. Once we choose outfits you will have a private dressing area where you can change and a fresh clean gown to wear when you are not being photographed.

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

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