My Stylishly Sexy Boudoir shoot – what happens?

So I want a boudoir shoot, I think?! What happens, what do I do?


If you have booked your Stylishly Sexy Shoot, then you will probably have already made contact with me, either on the phone or by email, or even over a cup of coffee.

When your arrive at my residential studio, you will be greeted by myself or one of my lovely ladies. If you have chosen the “Pamper Me Please” or the “Gift for the Groom”package you will be handed a glass of something sparkly, or a juice if preferred and taken through to the conservatory for your make-over where you will be pampered and made to look like the best version of you! Then you can relax and look forward to your stylish, sexy experience in the studio.

Once your make-over is complete you will be shown into the studio area where we will chat about your outfits and decide on an appropriate outfit for the studio session. Then you will be given time to change into your outfit and put on our freshly cleaned studio gown. Once you are ready, I will take the time to explain poses to you, photographing you in the way I know will flatter you most. We are not all the same but experience has taught me that everyone is beautiful! We just need to enhance that inner beauty.

If you have chosen the “Pamper Me Please” or “Gift for the Groom” Package, then you will also be given the opportunity to change into your second outfit before moving to our especially styled Boudoir Bedroom where we will take some different styled poses and making use of mirrors and naturally lit windows.

Beautiful hair, make-up, lingerie and lighting all add to that inner beauty. Confidence and proper posing are the final ingredients. You will leave the studio glowing like a goddess, and about two weeks later we invite you to return to privately view your images with me.   Your images should have the “wow” in them. That is what I am aiming for.

Do I retouch your images? Yes, probably, but subtly, it will still be unmistakably you in the photographs. Trust me.

At your viewing you select which image you want as your print included in your package and you can then select further images if you choose to. You can also have them presented on a disc, in an album or as a piece of wall art.

Your privacy is very important to me. Unless you specifically allow me to, I will never publicly display any of your images. All the images that you see on my blog and on my website, I have received explicit agreement from my clients to be able to use. Once your shoot is complete, I will keep your images on our system for 12 months, so if you decide you want more photographs you just let me know. After that, and for your privacy, your images are destroyed.

Ladies, I look forward to hearing from you!!

Book your Stylishly Sexy Boudoir Session now!


0141 884 2250


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