X-rated art? The Vettriano retrospective at Kelvingrove Museum


So, the eagerly awaited retrospective of Jack Vettriano at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum carries an x-certificate? The Scotsman / Scotland on Sunday have a great article about this, which i am sure will actually add to the demand for tickets. The comment that I really like, and think is so true is from Scottish author AL Kennedy. Writing in the exhibition guide, she says: “Be careful when you look at a Vettriano – you will see what you want to see. The pictures will tell you as much about yourself as they do about the artist and his figures.”

For me Vettriano has always been about the narrative between the characters, just like photography. There is nothing salacious in this. It is story telling. Sure some people don’t like it. They are entitled not to like it. The world would be dreadfully boring if we all liked the same stuff. Is he a Van Gogh, or a Picasso, or a Dali? Maybe he is more of a  Herb Ritts, or a Helmut Newton, or even an Annie Leibovitz, given his photographic technique. Maybe thats why I like it. I can relate to the boudoir quality of some of the work.  But I also love Portrait in Black and Pearl, and I have a particular connection with Long Time Gone.

Does it really matter? I dislike the idea that someone somewhere has decided to censor these images from our children. The Venus de Milo? Micaelangelo’s David? Somebody better tell the Burrell that Rodin’s Thinker is in the buff! Didn’t the Gallery of Modern Art exhibit a particularly explicit Mapplethorpe during shOUT a couple of years ago? Some art is about what it does to you, and some art is about what the people like, and somebody liked the Singing Butler enough to pay £744,500 for it.

Me? I can’t wait for the chance to see the whole exhibition, including the red room! I would certainly rather see His Favourite Girl (shown above) than Landseer’s Monarch of the Glen. And yes, after seeing the retrospective I will definitely go and gaze longingly at Dali’s Christ of St John of the Cross. Again!

Jack Vetrianno, like many artists has inspired and influenced my photography and digital art. Why not get inspired and create your own piece of art in my studio – here are some of  my creations



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