Video or photography? Or both, for your wedding?

Before moving into wedding and portrait photography I started a business doing wedding videos. I still occasionally undertake wedding videography (with the team at Special Day Memories), but rarely as I prefer to devote my time to photography. I prefer the freedom in post production to manipulate and subtly rework images. Video can still be about story-telling, but relies more on events that require to be managed. Video, like photography, can either be unobtrusive reportage, stage managed drama, or a blend of both. The media are complementary, in fact I now shoot video on the same cameras I photograph with (Canon 5D Mk2s, for all you technical geeks). Anyway, this beautiful little film was shot for Gillian and Byron at The Bend, a stunning wedding venue near Nottingham Road, in the Midlands of Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN), South Africa. Please enjoy. Sandy


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