Rock that Frock !!! Cherish that Dress !!!


I love cherish the dress, or rock the frock, shoots!! Adore them. All the glamour and grace of a wedding without the stress and time pressure of that “big day”!! Every girl should wear that dress again, at least once, in my humble opinion. Even if it is just in your bedroom! But for the full effect you need an audience, and what better audience than an appreciative photographer telling you how gorgeous you look!!

I do have a bit of an issue with the “trash the dress” shoot. These gowns are so beautiful, I have a bit of a problem being part of destroying something that lovely. But hey, it is your dress and if you had a creative idea I think I would be up for it. There have been some very dramatic “trashes” – setting someone on fire is definitely a bit too far for me, and also some very tragic circumstances, such as the poor girl who was dragged under the water by the weight of her gown.

But the images can be amazing, whether it is mud, paint or holi powder. Beaches also seem to feature quite regularly, more so in South Africa than Scotland for some reason? These cherish shots with Kim were such fun – she loved her dress, was so radiant in it, and really got the chance to relax and enjoy the glamour of it all.



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