I am a Master Photographer !!!


I am proud to say that I have provided a professional wedding photography service to my clients for the past 6 years and have had many referrals and delighted clients. The wedding industry and photography is changing every year and its always been important for me to keep up-to-date and to hone and improve my skills. I am also my own harshest critic and always believe that there is room for improvement.

Qualifications are important in this industry, not only to prove to yourself that you are good for the job but also to show your clients that you are providing them with a professional and validated service.  I am qualified with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and am also Certified with the Photographer Academy but it was not until very recently that I sent a panel of images through to the Master Photographers association for grading.

I was absolutely thrilled to hear on Sunday, that my panel of images had been successful and this means that I can now call myself a “Master Photographer”! Full membership and the right to describe yourself as a Master Photographer is strictly limited to full-time professionals who must provide references and submit a portfolio of recent commissioned work for judging at Licentiate level. I did this and it was well worth all the hard work to get this panel ready on time and to travel the long road down to Brimingham to present it.

I am ever so pleased that I qualified, however, what delighted me most was when the judges were asked whether they would be happy for me to step in and represent them at a wedding, all three of them said “Yes”. What a compliment that was for me!

I think now, I am definitely going to expend my energy into becoming one of the best in the industry! Watch this space!!



0141 884 2250



Qualified Master Photographer
Qualified member of the
Master Photographers Association


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