Digital graphic art

Flower Thrower

A long, long time ago I nearly went to art school. Instead I ended up training as an electrical engineer (which was a strange thing for a woman to do back then). In retrospect I believe I should have been an architect but ended up a photographer – if none of this makes sense please read my first blog entry with the quote by William W. Purkey.

While I adore wedding photography – and all the associated stress of knowing that if I mess up I have ruined a bride’s wedding day and broken a promise – I really enjoy working with people in the studio and location, creating portraits and unique moments in time. And I have a real soft spot for taking an image and turning it into digital graphic art – its the girl that never went to art school in me. I have a pet project that I keep coming back to called “put yourself in the picture”. Take a famous image, with figures in it, then substitute yourself for one of the figures, maybe a friend or loved one if there is more than one. Or play all the characters yourself. This is a fun reproduction of Banksy’s flower thrower, who also reproduced it from a news image from the 1968 Paris student protests. You can see more examples of my work here.
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2 responses to “Digital graphic art

    • Thank you so much! This is the only Banksy inspired image I have made. I am very influenced by many and recently Jack Vettriano as a narrative artist. Please see my review of his retrospective. Sandy

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