Autumn Colour and Low Winter Sun


I recently had an opportunity to photograph Hayley and Laura in Kelvingrove Park and the Botanical Gardens, Glasgow. I have been living in and near Glasgow for some years now and I am still amazed that the place has such a long lasting reputation of being a dirty, violent underprivileged place. The people have a charm and humour that is all their own but, much as that is famous throughout the world, it is the architecture and the green spaces that I really love.  And at certain times of year the quality of light is gorgeous.


“The recipe for this image:”, as Scott Kelby sometimes says, is to take 2 good looking people and go to your favourite park, in this case, Kelvingrove Park and the Botanical Gardens – Glasgow has so many of these lovely Victorian treasures. Try to go when the leaves have taken on the colours of autumn, the beautiful warm coppers and golds.

Go on one of those unbelievable beautiful bright (cold) autumn days in October or November when the sky is at its bluest, and the only clouds are the zig zag painted tracks of the airplanes long gone. In the late afternoon as the sun begins to add drama to the sky,  mix in a dash of creativity and some wacky ideas and you will be surprised at the shots you can get.

Make sure you have down jackets and don’t forget to grab a hot chocolate from the kiosk that also sells amazing cheese and haggis toasties! Go on, try messing around with some ideas, get a bit creative, that’s what I did….and with the help of these two gorgeous ladies, this is what I got!


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