Rock that frock, drown that gown, trash that dress … we did it all!!

I love, love, love cherish the dress shoots!! As I am sure you know, “Cherish” is when a bride decides to get into that gown one more time and get some different photographs from her wedding day. The type and style of images is a matter to be decided by the photographer together with the bride / couple. I have done a few of these shoots now and I always have such a great time. The bride is usually so much more relaxed than on her wedding day and there is always more time, allowing for experimentation and creativity, something just a bit more ‘outside the lines’.


For these shoots, and increasingly for wedding days, I encourage couples to work with me to create a moodboard using tools like Pinterest. This is a great way to share visual ideas of what you expect from the photoshoot.

When Gillian and Byron contacted me and said that they wanted to trash her dress, I was excited and nervous at the same time. While I have done lots of Cherish shoots in wonderful locations, no-one has ever completely destroyed their dress. This I can understand, these gowns are beautiful, and so flattering. So for me it was important, if we were going to Trash this dress, we were going to do it in a manner that we could get as many creative images as possible, even starting from some conservative romantic shots. When Gillian appeared for this shoot, she looked amazing, and so it was the perfect time to get some gorgeous couple shots of her and hubby Byron at the start.

Gillian was absolutely determined, we were definitely going to turn her dress into an art project, and boy did we!! First into a dam, to drown that gown, then paint which made for some very dramatic images. After that, Byron took charge, slashing the dress to the thigh with a knife so that Gill could show some leg. Then it was time to bring on the bike! Byron gunned the bike through some mud, which looked absolutely awesome on camera, especially with Gillian in the firing line! And finally, the dress was cut to just this side of modesty, to get some great Rock (that frock) Chick pics on the back of the scrambler!! 


At the end of the shoot, we had some wonderful pictures, a fantastic, re-designed, new-art wedding dress,  and all of us were buzzing!! What a day, what a photoshoot!! Guys, you were fantastic, your put everything into it, thank you so much! I hope you love your images as much as I do!!

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