Wildlife Photography – Cheetah


I am blessed to be able to return to South Africa as often as I do. I try to spend as much time as possible with my family, but I also love the opportunity to explore some of the excellent game reserves that are available, often not too expensively. The wilderness areas of Africa are so special, they can really refresh you. The emptiness, the stillness that you can find in the early morning is just so peaceful, but of course there is the added attraction of seeing some of the inhabitants, large and small. I was very fortunate to visit Thanda Game Reserve during my visit in December 2013, and as always I had a camera with me!


We had some wonderful viewings, the rangers are very expert and really know the reserve and the animals. We did not see leopard but we did see all the other Big 5 animals – elephants, lions, rhino and buffalo. And we were very fortunate to see cheetah on two separate occasions, once was two adult males, and the other was a mother with cubs! Stunning! So beautiful! The adult males – brothers, we were told – were quite relaxed, as you can see. The cubs did play hide and peek and their mom moved them on after a short while. Nonetheless, a real privilege!

I hope you enjoy these, more to come.






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