Pinterest – a fantastic visual resource

wedding boudoir inspiration

I have been using Pinterest for quite a while now. It is a fantastic source of inspiration and a great way of sharing ideas with clients. The industry refer to mood boards, which is a point of reference for making sure everyone is on the same page –  photographer, makeup artist, stylist, model or client (bride, for example). I use them with boudoir clients, brides, they work really well for trash ideas. I also use them as a place where I can just get some ideas, or visual references to let other know what I am thinking. A picture paints a thousand words, and all that. There is also a way for clients to pin their ideas so we get a good exchange of information and ideas. They can be referred to in advance, and during a shoot. There is a link to part of my Pinterest account here, or in the image above. Some of the boards are secret, for client confidentiality reasons, but these are the ones that I just grab and post. Please take a look. Follow if you like. Oh, I don’t post my own images here, and I am sorry I don’t know the credit for this beautiful bridal boudoir image – sorry to the  photographer.

Thanks, Sandy.


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