Boudoir Photography Helpful Do’s and Don’ts

I am always on the lookout for tips and hints I can pass on to, especially to brides and girls who may be contemplating boudoir shoots. Both can be quite daunting, in different ways. i found this on Pinterest, which is a great resource for getting ideas for photographs, I always recommend starting a pin board. That we you can explore ideas, share, get feedback, and it can all be done “secretly” so that you only share with those you want to know 🙂 I especially like the slimming tips in this post that have nothing to do with losing weight, but are rather about those visual effects that can make us all look slimmer.

Thanks to Boudoir by Elizabeth, at Artistic Images Photography, who I deserves credit for the original post.

If you ladies, single, married or brides-to-be (in the West of Scotland until September 2014 and in Hillcrest, Durban, KZN from October 2014) are interested, why not contact me or have a look at a small portfolio on my website called ‘Gift for Hubby’ (or anyone else you love, including yourself!!).


o141 884 2250

031 834 8844

boudoir do's & dont'ts


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