A Gift for Hubby (or just for you, or a special someone)


Boudoir photography should be subtle, sophisticated. It should flatter, hint, flirt even, but should never be in your face or obvious. It is not magazine glamour and it is definitely not porn. It is a way for a woman to be proud of who she is, to delight in her sensuality. Boudoir Photography seeks to enhance what you have, while gently diverting attention from those bits and pieces we may not be just quite so comfortable with. It is a fantastic gift for a loved one, and can make a stunning present for your groom on the eve of your wedding – so he can remember what he is missing, and marrying tomorrow! Or it can be a personal thing – a reminder of who you are now, in all your beautiful gorgeousness, and trust me everyone woman is a goddess in the Boudoir studio! Why else would you be there?

For the full experience book hair and makeup, buy some new lingerie, have a glass of something sparkling and enjoy!! Contact me for details.

Click here or on either of these gorgeous images of (Mum of Three) P to see some more examples.

Alternatively click here to see more of P, on her Pinterest account.

Come on ladies, you know you want to …



0141 884 2250


031 834 8844



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