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I very rarely write about other blogs or websites, but I found Colin Cowie Weddings, a wedding planning and advice site, and some of the content is just invaluable for brides to be as well as photographers!! I am always looking for resources that keep me on trend and up to date with weddings. I also find that as the person who has been at the most weddings – apart from the event coordinator and maybe the limo driver, but these guys are responsible for limited bits of your day – the photographer often becomes a reference point or go-to-guy when something goes awry, not quite to plan, or when there is a decision to be made. I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked “what normally happens now” or “what do you think we should do”?

I know some photographers who do not give advice – and there are quite a few times when I have said that whether the service should be outside or not is a matter for the groom/best man/event coordinator – yes, that is where the best light is, and as a photographer I would love you to be outside, but am I going to assure you that it will definitely not rain? No way! But I will help out … I know how to put on a buttonhole (quickly), lace up a dress (girls, gowns with corset style bodices, the ones that lace at the back look gorgeous, but please practice at least once, if you do not have a professional dresser on the day because these things take a while to do up! I should be taking photographs!!), which side your dad should be on and a whole host of other things picked up along the way. And I want you to relax and look great in your photographs, so I am your best friend … up to a point!

Your other best friend should be the professional industry, like Colin Cowie. This is from a great article on the site called Underneath it All, really sensible advice about what to have under that fantastic gown –  “Every bride dreams of looking her most beautiful and feeling her finest on her wedding day. If you love frilly and sexy underwear, its your choice, but make sure it does the heavy lifting, too. You want the undergarments you wear under your dress to support you, smooth you and keep it all in one place. Make sure you pack some sizzling underwear for your wedding night and honeymoon–your groom will thank you later!”


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