The Wedding Industry Network – Upper Highway

So, as you know, we have relocated home and business to Hillcrest, a suburb in the Upper Highway of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. First impressions: we love it, great decision, home is nearly complete, dog is happy in a huge garden, rolling on the grass in the sun. Our container has arrived in the port of Durban which means my studio is nearly here. And what have I been doing these last six weeks, apart from trying to motivate my builder and clear customs? Networking!

I have a confession to make – I don’t think I am very good at networking. I know just how important it is to a small business, but it is something which I battle with. Thank goodness for Karen Owens, who not only curates the Bridal Gallery in Hillcrest, but finds time to run the Durban Bride website and organises the Wedding Industry Network.

Durban Bride is definitely worth a visit for any bride to be, and I cannot recommend highly enough the Bridal Gallery. This permanent bridal exhibition provides details of all kinds of suppliers – venues, photographers, videographers, camarriage meanderkes, stationary,lingerie, bridesmaids dresses, everything! Also situated there is VIP Brides, a boutique which stocks imported Spanish bridal gowns and pre-loved dresses.

The Wedding Industry Network (WIN) meets monthly for breakfast. Karen kindly invited me along and I met some wonderful vendors. The event was held at Talloula, Bothas Hill, in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, and is a gorgeous wedding venue. A guest speaker, Nikki Sinclair of Midlands Marriage Meander gave a short presentation, which was well received by everyone. Nikki produces a fantastic hard and electronic brochure which is a must for every bride to be with planning tips, vendors, venues – a wealth of very useful information. The Meander takes buses of brides-to-be to various venues and introduces them to suppliers. What a brilliant idea! Nikki, I look forward to working with you.

I was also delighted to meet Sandra from Satin Candy, the owner of a boutique dedicated to making women feel good about themselves by fitting and supplying stylish, sexy but most importantly properly fitted bras and lingerie. And if a bride wants to feel comfortable all day in her dress, she needs to feel comfortable footer_logo_satin_candyall day in her underwear – it needs to fit well, suit the dress and support her, making her feel so special that she can relax and enjoy her day. Sandra and I are already planning a project together, more in a later blog.

I am so looking forward to meeting and working with many more people in the industry in the weeks and months ahead. Enquiries are coming through, both for the studio and for weddings and what I thought would be a nightmare to relocate my business looks as though it may be a dream come true.


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