A guide to buying lingerie and stylishly sexy boudoir photography


Gentlemen – before you know it Valentines Day will be here – ok, it is a little way off but proper planning and preparation etc… What better gift for that luscious lady than lovely lingerie? (Also works for Christmas, but only if she is not going to open her pressie in front of her Mom!) Now gentlemen – if you want her to wear those skimpy little things, click on the Satin Candy link above. It takes you to a great guide on how to buy lingerie for her. And if you want a photograph, don’t get your phone out! No ways, not after what happened to Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton! You need to send her to a classy lady photographer – me! You can see a few sample images here.

Ladies – has your partner been very good? Or do you just deserve a treat for you? Either way we all know that feeling good can start with great underwear. If you haven’t already, check out Sandra at Satin Candy. She stocks the most divine range of bras for all sizes and other lingerie that will make you feel oh, so, special! And why stop there – record your inner goddess for all time with some stylish, sexy boudoir photography in the privacy of a studio with a female photographer (and hair and make up artists if you wish). Then choose whether to keep those memories secret or share with a loved one. You can see some images on my old UK website here, and there are also links to the boudoir section of my blog here.

I look forward to hearing from you,



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