Did you get engaged at New Year? Booked your photographer yet?


New Years Eve can be a very romantic time, the kiss at midnight, dreams and hopes for the year ahead. Not surprisingly it is one of the times when most proposals of marriage are made. Did any of you lucky ladies receive a proposal? He didn’t take it back the next morning did he, the rat? Oh good, congratulations!! So now you have all the fun of planning your wedding – the dress, the venue, your colours, the dress, brides maids dresses, your dress. But wait … you are going to be in the most gorgeous gown, a princess for the day, nobody outshines a bride, and you can have exactly what you want, so how are you going to record that wonderful day? How are you going to save those treasured memories of that most special day?


My advice as a professional photographer is (guess yet?) invest in a professional wedding photographer (of course!), one who has years of experience in the business, who has professional equipment and indemnity, has gained accreditation and qualifications from internationally recognised institutions, has extensive portfolio for you to view and is prepared to listen to your ideas. Don’t let your heart be broken by some guy with a camera who has decided to try his hand at weddings. Or your uncle, the one with the good camera , unless he is a professional photographer, but even then maybe he wants to relax and enjoy the party, after all he goes to a lot of weddings.

I am not saying invest in me (it would be nice, I might be available on your date, and I do have all of the things I listed), I am saying choose a professional wedding photographer. Please. And if your budget can stretch that far, a good quality album. CDs and USBs may go out of fashion – remember Betamax, 8 track cassettes, floppy discs? Your mom will, and you have no way to view them now. But you can still pick up your mom’s wedding album, see how pretty she is, your great grandma who you never met, laugh at your uncle’s crazy hair …

 If you got engaged over the festive season, congratulations! If you are already engaged, congratulations! If he ever gets round to proposing, congratulations!!

And if you are looking for a photographer, I would  love to meet you…




031 834 8844 / 079 752 2124


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