Stylishly Sexy Boudoir with Satin Candy


I am absolutely delighted to offer a very special Boudoir Photoshoot package, in partnership with Satin Candy. Sandra Thomas runs two beautiful bra boutiques, with more planned, providing exquisite bras for small and voluptuous cup sizes. This very special offer and package is only available through the Satin Candy boutiques in Kloof and Durban North. I know Sandra is completely committed to this offer for her customers as she modelled for the  first photoshoot!  You can see more of Sandra and her gorgeous lingerie offering by visiting the stores and checking out the sample album. This is an amazing discounted offer, normally selling for R3500, and is only available by purchasing a Stylishly Sexy Boudoir gift certificate from a Satin Candy boutique.

The album would make a fantastic gift for a loved one, either as Christmas or birthday treat, on a wedding morning, or just to remind that special person just how stunning they really are! The gift certificate would make a great present as well, for a friend who needs to be told how special they are, or for a bride to be – what a fantastic bachelorette party surprise! – or perhaps a girlfriend who needs to know just how much she means to you (buy her some great lingerie from Satin Candy while you are there, go on!), what a present for a wife on your anniversary or there is always Valentines, these both come around every year and you never know what to buy, am I right? I’m right, I know, don’t thank me, just go buy wonderful lingerie and a gift certificate from Satin Candy!

That deserving diva will have a wonderful experience with our all female team: a stylish makeover with one of our lovely professional makeup ladies; a glass of something bubbly (a choice of alcoholic or not); an individualised photoshoot with me, Sandra Keddie, her personal photographer, where we create some subtle, sexy images to suit her taste and style. Afterwards, there may be some gentle discreet retouching, but the final images will still be her, just the best she can be. Published in a beautiful little album, to be kept safe and shared with those who really deserve to see…

So, for a special someone, or just treat yourself … everyone needs memories of how wonderful we were.

Visit Satin Candy and buy a Stylishly Sexy Boudoir certificate for Sandra Keddie Photography. We all know someone who deserves this fantastic experience.

I look forward to seeing you,


079 752 2124



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