Alison and Greg got married at Intaba View

Anybody who has ever run the Comrades marathon will tell you that the halfway point is a place called Drummond. There is not a lot in Drummond, although in a very cruel, ironic way there is a pub that the runners have to go past right next to the road. There is also a gorgeous wedding venue called Intaba View. Intaba in isiZulu means mountain or highlands. And that is exactly what the stunning panorama from the verandah is, a view of the Valley of 1000 Hills that just goes on and on. Was there a view on this day of days, or did the clouds conspire to veil from the guests that amazing setting?


Alison and Greg gambled well, and got the most amazing day, with weather that you wish for but cannot buy, which just complimented this outdoor venue to the full. Instead of confetti we had balloons, coordinated with Alison’s sunflower yellow and burnt orange colour scheme. Just wonderful against an autumn sky in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Part of the package at Intaba is Mulberry Cottage Guesthouse, which can be used for getting ready, bridal party photography and as first night accommodation. This is a gorgeous guest house with lovely areas for photography and an abundance of wildlife around the dam and pier.


Alison looked beautiful, as did her bridesmaids Jo and Tracy. Greg and his brother/best man Brad were sharper than usual. You had a wonderful day, so happy for you. Please enjoy these, lots more soon.




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