Nazeemah and Saleem at Tala Game Reserve

This was the first time that we have been accompanied by an armed guard on a photoshoot!! Eish, the country is really going down the tubes, I hear all those expats in Australia say, need a bodyguard if you are walking around with a decent camera!! No, we had the absolute joy of being able to wander freely around Tala Game Reserve, escorted for our protection by Lawrence from the Anti-Poaching Unit. Lawrence is the owner at at RaveRhino, a not for profit organisation set up to defend rhino from poachers. The situation with rhino poaching is getting so bad in South Africa that rhinos have their own bodyguards, certainly in the smaller game reserves. Tala Game Reserve is conveniently situated between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, is malaria free and has wonderful wedding options, as well as game. The work of the Anti Poaching Unit run by RaveRhino ensures that there just might be some of these amazing animals around for a few more years. To find out more about their work, and to donate, please visit


Because we were escorted we got fantastic access to areas, getting out of the vehicle when you would not be able to otherwise, especially approaching sundown when most people have to be back at the accommodation or out of the gate. This gave us the opportunity to give Saleem and Nazeemah exactly what they wanted from their photographs, some real Out of Africa images.





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