Business Portraits

You never get aEdna065_010615_LowRes second chance to make a first impression, hey? And everything today is super fast with online everything. So if you have a presence on the web – and if you are in business in the 21st century who doesn’t? – then you need to stand out. Now, I know some people like to stand out with a logo, or a brand if you are lucky. Some people choose to stand out with a crazy colour scheme, or “catchy” music (good luck with that!). I think that people like people. We just know who we like and trust. A good business portrait shows who you are and can instantly create a connection with your audience. It is useful not just on the web but also on business cards and other printed material. A good business portrait can really enhance your presence in the marketplace.

It was such a pleasure to meet this lovely lady recently. Edna runs her own business, Edna Conway Coaching, coaching managers and staff to achieve their sales goals.  I think we captured a portrait that makes a connection. I do hope so.





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