The best version of yourself?


This is an interesting little video. I always tell my ladies that I want them to be the best version of themselves. How far does that go? I would be really interested to hear your views.



2 responses to “The best version of yourself?

  1. Hi Sandra. I think the secret would be find balance between the two. So some “touching up” would go a long way to enhance a “mature” model 😄

    • I think that is what I mean by “the best version of you”. It still has to be you. There is software that can do the most powerful image manipulation available. That is not what I am about. Soft gentle retouching yes, but my images will always be of the lady who was in the studio, using posing, lighting, props and just a little retouch. The best version of you. When are you coming for a shoot Mel?

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