Light Painting

This is just such an awesome way to showcase a beautiful vehicle or home. Creates a unique piece of wall art. If you are interested please contact me for details.


LightPaintingv6sandra@sandrakeddiephotography 0797522124


New Website – June 2018

Here at Sandra Keddie Photography we have taken the brave, and daunting, decision, to upgrade the website to emphasise that the focus of the work has moved firmly away from weddings and family and far more towards the commercial market. So sleepless nights and shredded nails but the website remains at the same domain but is undergoing a lovely transformation!


Of course we are still absolutely involved in that gorgeous boudoir experience that is Stylishly Sexy. Check out all the latest from there at


Studio Portrait

Portraits capture a beautiful moment in time, and can adorn any room in your home. Contact me on 079 752 2124 or for details.



Simple, Stylish, Sexy!!!

Simple, stylish, sexy!!! Contact Sandra at Stylishly Sexy, the Durban boudoir experience, for details of our fantastic boudoir experience.

079 752 2124 or


Little Black Dress

Sometimes, to be stylish and sexy, all you need is a little black dress!!!

Why not organise your beautiful portrait, either in the studio or in the comfort of your own home – contact Sandra 079 752 2124


intimate bridal portraits

I have spent many years in the wedding industry and I genuinely do not know how many weddings I have photographed – I stopped counting at 100, which was back in 2011! I shoot very few weddings now, concentrating more and more on portraits and studio work. but I do still love a bride. There is something just so elegant, so perfect about a bride. I continue to shoot intimate bridal portraits as part of the Stylishly Sexy offering.

If you are interested please contact me, or on 079 752 2124


Horse Photography South Africa

I am delighted to have recently launched Horse Photography South Africa. If you are interested in portraits of you and your horses, please contact me on 079 752 2124 or email

Horse Photography South Africa is owned and operated by Sandra Keddie. I am portrait photographer, that is how I see myself and what I do. If you want portraits of your horse, or you and your horse, then I am so very happy to be a part of that with you. I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years and I grew up around horses.

What that means is that I will work above and beyond with you to get the highest quality photographs that I possibly can, that you will treasure and be proud to display. I will get to know you and what you want, and to do that I may visit your home, paddock, livery yard or stables. We will discuss how you visualise your final images and how best to achieve them. Then we will make a plan, set a date and time and capture those images. We may require more than one session, because we have the weather and the temperament of animals to consider.

Then I will skilfully retouch images where necessary to remove any unwanted distractions such as dirty marks, lead ropes and so on. Working with your direction, if required, I can dramatically enhance your image into a fine art work that can be reproduced in large scale format for full effect. Or we can choose to stay true to the image and reproduce a very natural portrait with the barest of enhancement. This is about you and your horse.

I do not attend events or go to showgrounds. There are other photographers who do that. I will capture ridden shots, including jumping, and your horse at liberty, as well as standing shots, but what I do does not work in a showground or event arena.

Please contact me for a no-obligation consultation.

Call or whatsapp 079 752 2124 or email