Jade, our biggest fan!!


Jade is quite possibly our biggest fan. Everyone who knows about business will tell you your best advertisement is your previous clients. And Jade S-T tells everyone! everyone, that they just must come and get their makeup done by Sam and have their photograph taken by Sandra. Her sister (twice!) and her mom, her best friend!! And others too!! How is that for drumming up business. I might have to put you on commission Jade!! Thank you.

A very important part of what we do at Stylishly Sexy Boudoir is Samantha, owner of Kiss and Tell Makeup. It is so important for all our lovely ladies to feel relaxed, confident, and beautiful in the studio. That starts with Sam, who skillfully applies makeup while chatting away and reassuring our clients. I discuss what we are going to do, looking at the lingerie and other pieces that have been brought, so that by the time we go into the studio we are very comfortable with each other, even if one of us is in underwear – or nearly nude! After doing hair and makeup Sam joins me as an assistant in the studio, helping with props, lighting and retouching makeup or putting fly away hair back in place. The beautiful Jade, HMUA Sam, pics Sandra, the whole experience – Stylishly Sexy!!

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Miss L in the studio


The absolutely gorgeous Miss L had a fantastic shoot in the studio. A bit of boudoir and some portrait photography. Perfect to have some stuff to show your Mom and still have a little secret something for you or your lover!

Contact me to arrange a studio session. Packages can be tailored to suit you and your budget, with prints, digital images, wall hangings and albums all available are very reasonable prices.

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Kaye-Leigh – our competition winner, stunning in the studio!


We ran a lovely competition with Kiss and Tell Makeup by Samantha on Facebook recently. The prize was makeup by Sam and a photo-shoot with me, together worth over R1500. Kaye-Leigh was our lucky winner. She had a great time with us, and the results are just stunning. If you would like a photo-shoot please contact me, and keep looking out for special offers …



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Because everybody likes free stuff …

Ok, so here is the deal. Free makeover hair and makeup, courtesy of Kiss and Tell Makeup by Samantha. Free photoshoot, courtesy of Sandra Keddie Photography. You choose the style of makeup, you choose the style of photography. Whats the catch? No catch, but we need you to like the Facebook post and our Facebook pages, and we need you to like them before the end of March. Photoshoot will be in Hillcrest, Durban, and valid for 3 months from the announcement of a winner. Offer is subject to the availability of the photographer and HMUA, but trust me we will create some magic! Links are here:

Kiss and Tell Makeup by Samantha

Sandra Keddie Photography

Model is the beautiful Ashley H.


The importance of properly presented images – why albums are worth the investment

DJ_120512_2292_1FBI have mentioned before that I really don’t like presenting disc only packages. I do present the disc with an album, very happy to, and I am more than happy to supply low res images for Facebook, Iphones etc. I am also really happy to share my poses and setups with guests that have a camera with them (but please let me get my shot first, and dont try to take over, I am on a schedule!).

I work with an Italian company called Graphistudio, who make beautiful albums. I have never been disappointed or let down by them, their customer care is exceptional, there packaging superb, and if I can I can literally call them up and ask a question about an order.

But people still ask if they can buy the disc and print themselves. An article from the Huffington Post has gone viral in the photography community. Kathleen Trenske puts the case why getting a quality album is a the best option, rather than printing your images at home on paper that will curl and fade over time. Thank you Kathleen for so eloquently expressing what I agree with entirely.

“Your memories are worth more than that. And your wedding images? They are worth TONS more than that. These aren’t snapshots from a vacation. They aren’t pictures from your iPhone.

You cared enough about these moments to hire a professional to photograph them. Follow that through by having a professional print them. Have that professional print the pictures you put into frames and have them design you a high-quality wedding album that you will cherish for decades.

If you purchase an album through your photographer, you can see a sample in person. You can touch and feel it and make sure it is worth every penny.

I know that albums are expensive. That’s for good reason. They are custom-designed books, usually hand-stitched and hand assembled and made just for you.

But of all the things you spend money on for your wedding, your wedding photographs are the ONLY thing that will increase in value over time. As the years pass, you’ll be more and more glad that you have them. Especially, if you can experience looking through them by flipping through a gorgeous custom-designed album instead of sitting in front of your computer and clicking “next” with your mouse.

So, figure out a way to make it happen. Figure out a way to afford that album. Forgo a centerpiece. Cut back on your guest list. Opt out of the vintage car you’ll drive in for all of 20 minutes.

Don’t just do it for you. Do it for your children. Do it for your grandchildren. Because when they root around in your attic in 2075, they will have no idea what do with a USB key anymore than they would with a laser disc player.”

The full article can be found here